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About AIREX®

AIREX® is the world market leader in the field of training and therapy mats. In the early 1960s AIREX® was the first brand to manufacture foam mats, and to undertake the requisite pioneering extrusion works in the mid-1980s.

Values we live by


Being Swiss doesn’t just stand for origin, it’s our overarching value, the code of conduct we live by ever since we first started designing mats back in 1952, which were used afterward by the Swiss Army. Our signature “Swiss-born in 1952” stands for making the best, most durable, most reliable mats and pads in the world, without any exception or compromise.

Airy & pure

All AIREX® Swiss-made products are comprised of up to 96% air, which makes them unique in the world. Air is the essence of our products, but also the nature of our brand philosophy. We truly believe that everybody needs time to breathe, to put all the stress, worries, naggings of the day aside and get into their zone.

Strong & enduring

We are innovators with more than 60 years of experience in building state-of-art mats that are strong, supportive, and durable. We know hard work and dedication needed to create a product that will accompany you a lifetime. That is why everything we do, we believe in creating your own special space of strength.


It took great strength and sacrifice to reach the Edelweiss flower that grows only on daring steeps and mountaintops. Sacrifice, motivation, setting your own rules and getting ready for the game is something we challenge you to do every day, every time you pick up and spread your AIREX® mat or step on your AIREX® Balance-pad.

Company Facts


Eric Gauthier


Sins, Switzerland


patented in Sins, 1952


Airex AG, 1956

Our Story

Innovators with more than 60 years of experience. The chemist Dr. Emil Brunner and the inventor Herbert Lindemann headed a special team tasked with developing manufacturing plans for plastic-based foam. The legend has it that Mr. Lindemann arrived in Sins on his bike with just a few personal belongings, but with extensive expertise and brilliant ideas about how to manufacture closed cell foam from PVC. The Swiss-made products that are proud of its origin, dating back to 1952. AIREX® products are of highest quality and guarantee a lifetime satisfaction, made for your own good for good.