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50 x 100 cm

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1 cm
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The AIREX® Fitline mats are the ultimate choice for sports and training, used by countless top athletes across the world. The Fitline is a classic fitness mat often used for group fitness classes in gyms. As a small, lightweight and trendy training mat, the AIREX® Fitline Studio is also a perfect gymnastics mat at home and “on the go”, and a perfect fit for any sports bag.

Intended purpose:

The AIREX® products are designed as a movement therapeutic aid for both institutional and domestic use. An object lying on the floor serves as a support for a person during medically indicated and prescribed exercises to improve motor skills and balance or postural control and / or for the therapeutic movement treatment of muscle weakness in the limbs and trunk as a result of a neurological or orthopedic disease.


  • Ultimate comfort: insulating, soft, warm with excellent high damping properties
  • Highest security: optimal stretch, flat-lying, robust, non-slip with rounded edges
  • For In- and Outdoor use: weather-resistant
  • Longevity
  • Hygienic: Sanitized treatment and easy to clean
  • Closed cell foam construction


Each AIREX® Fitline mat is a unique piece and complies with the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745. It has the AGR-seal of approval for back-friendly products, which is certified and recommended by the Association of German Back Schools e.V.


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