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X-Balance Fitness Coach

Successful and goal-oriented personal training using the Balance pad.

The practice-oriented functional exercise selection for trainers, allowing direct implementation on your clients.

Meet your trainer

Paul Uhlir

Paul is one of the most popular fitness experts worldwide.

More than 25 years of experience in fitness and the medical sector make him a very “High Level Of International Competence”.

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Training steps

1. Sensorimotor coordination training

The scientific basis for functional training in sport, fitness, health and prevention.

2. Practical implementation

Usage of targeted personal training with the Balance pad. Learn the right positioning on the Balance pad. Whether standing, lying or being in a different body position, Balance-pad postioning is crucial for a healthy and efficient use.

3. Functional Training with the Balance-pad

High variation possibilities for the most different functional exercises and the combinations with other training equipment.

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