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X-Balance Group Trainer

The vast application possibilities for group fitness with the Balance-pad, combined with the necessary background knowledge, allow you to teach practice-oriented and up-to-date group fitness classes.

Meet your trainer

Jutta Schuhn

Jutta was one of the first presenters and choreographer for TV fitness shows in Germany.

The graduate sports scientist is responsible for the technical project management of IFAA Prime (International fitness and aerobic association).

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Training steps

1. Professional background knowledge

Learning of the neuro-muscular stimulation in sensorimotor training. Focused on balance, proprioception, coordination, and stabilization.

2. The optimal implementation for the group fitness area

The correct handling of the Balance-pad for different target groups with their intensity rules and the optimum sensitization for the participants.

3. Highly effective and varied Masterclasses

A selection of different Masterclasses and a wide range of exercises. Contemporary with lots of motivation and fun. All your participants will receive a meaningful, health-conscious group fitness class.

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